2023 Projects


Interlake Region Wildfire Restoration

Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Blue Green Planet Project are partnering to plant trees on the traditional territories of Opaskwayak people in the Manitoban boreal forest in the Interlake Region.

The native jack pines will be planted in an area ravaged by wildfires that swept through the area in 2021. When the fire hit, the area was void of a viable seed source. The restoration work will provide forest benefits for future generations of Opaskwayak People and Canadians; improve watershed function, increase habitat for wildlife and sequester carbon.

The aim is to foster long-term community benefits by providing equitable access and increased inclusion of indigenous people in forest work and green jobs. In 2022, through OCN’s Opaskwayak Education Authority, twelve Opaskwayak members received on-the-job training and job opportunities with the project. 114,170 trees were planted. View the Fall Seedling Assessment Report. The 2023 plans include the involvement of Nekoté LP who represents seven Swampy Cree Nations which will expand the number of communities involved. 800,000 seedlings are scheduled to be planted in 2023.

The expert forestry work, including verification and monitoring surveys, is provided by Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporation. Our planting partner for this project is Summit Reforestation.

British Columbia

Cheslatta First Nation Woodland restoration 

The area south of Burns Lake (Southside) has been ravaged by a mix of beetle infestation and wildfire fires. The areas of focus are owned by Cheslatta Carrier Nation and are being managed with salvage logging to reduce wildfire risks and to increase the rate of forest restoration. In years 2022 and 2023 there is 250 ha of land to be planted with lodgepole pine and interior (hybrid) spruce.

The tree planting will contribute to improved forest management, community economic development, improved watershed hydrology and increased habitat for wildlife. The project partners include Cheslatta Carrier Nation and Hybrid 17 Contracting Ltd. 

Investing in Oceans

The world is one big, connected place and what happens on land affects the oceans. So, we’re sharing 20% of our bottom line with ocean ecology projects. Our initial project is Robert Stewart Sharkwater Foundation.  

Shark Free, aims to keep sharks out of our products to reduce pressure on their populations and save them from extinction. Learn more why sharks matter. 

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