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Coffee shops across Canada are partnering with Blue Green Planet Project to plant trees to take action on climate change. Servers are inviting customers to contribute to this collective effort to plant trees. Contributions start at $0.25.


​​Tree planting is an effective nature-based climate solution. Trees draw down carbon helping secure a stable climate. On land already impacted by climate change (ex. wildfires and pest infestation), trees help restore forest health for community and ecosystem benefits such as flood mitigation, wildfire risk mitigation and biodiversity.

Drink Coffee. Plant Trees

By making a contribution with your order, you will be joining thousands of Canadians who are contributing money to plant trees. 

What We Do

Planting Trees
to draw
down carbon

BGPP and our partners have given back by planting 277,648 trees since 2017. Our goal is to plant 50 million trees annually by 2026. Every pine tree that we plant has the potential to sequester XXX tonnes of carbon over a 50 year time period. We are grateful for our early partnerships with companies such as Canmore Chrysler and Canadian Heritage Coffee Roasting.

Trees Planted

Million Trees Planted by 2026

Tonnes of Carbon Sequestered
Working In partnership

BGPP works in partnership to plant non-obligation trees – trees that would not have been planted otherwise. This includes communities, indigenous groups, land owners and the federal government. This included BGPP’s joint venture silviculture companies who plant the trees. It includes BGPP’s ambassadors who invite individuals and companies to partner with BGPP to contribute back. We invite you to partner with your local coffee ship to contribute to plant trees.

Verified by PwC

All the trees we plant are verified and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Action starts at the ground up.
It starts with you.

Coffee for Climate

Frequently Asked

“Blue Green Planet Project is such a great initiative; Fraser Lake has benefited from 180,000 trees planted in 2021 alone. Seeing the benefits of this project first hand, we appreciate the work being done to take action on climate change.”

Sarrah Storey

Mayor, Village of Fraser Lake

“Our goal is to help keep our wild places a little wilder. Through our partnership with the BGPP we have been able to invest in our ecosystems by planting over 62,000 trees on Canadian soil, giving back to the habitats we love so much. Our goal of planting one million trees by 2030 wouldn’t be possible without this collaborative effort.”

Jamie Parker

President, Canadian Heritage Roasting Company