2022 Planned Projects

British Columbia

Nazko Area Wildfire Restoration

The area around Nazko west of Quesnel was heavily impacted by wildfire in 2017. The project will replant the area with a mix of lodgepole pine and hybrid spruce to speed forest recovery and provide a carbon solution. The project is in partnership with Nazko First Nation and provides training and employment opportunities for its members.

Expert forestry work, including verification and monitoring, is being provided in collaboration with the Ministry of Forests and a professional forester. Blue Collar Silviculture Ltd. is the planting partner.


Interlake Region Wildfire Restoration

Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Blue Green Planet Project are partnering to plant trees on the traditional territories of Opaskwayak people in the Manitoban boreal forest in the Interlake Region.

The native jack pines will be planted on 55 hectares ravaged by wildfires that swept through the area in 2021. When the fire hit, the area was void of a viable seed source. The restoration work will provide forest benefits for future generations of Opaskwayak People and Canadians; improve watershed function, increase habitat for wildlife and sequester carbon.

Through OCN’s Opaskwayak Education Authority, twelve Opaskwayak members will receive on-the-job training and job opportunities with the project. The aim is to foster long-term community benefits by providing equitable access and increased inclusion of indigenous people in forest work and green jobs. This is just the start; much larger restoration planting projects are planned.

The expert forestry work, including verification and monitoring surveys, is provided by Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporation. Summit Reforestation is the planting partner.


McMillan Lake Wildfire Restoration

Blue Green Planet Project is planting trees near McMillan Lake, Alberta to accelerate the restoration of area affected by wildfire and helping with carbon sequestration.
A wildfire burnt through the site in 2018 and ravaged the landscape. A post-fire survey found that there was a hot, clean burn that impacted the ability of a natural coniferous regeneration. The area is regenerating with grass, shrubs and natural conifers (lodge pole pine, black spruce, and jack pine) at low density. Active reforestation efforts with white spruce will ensure a mixed species stand at a higher density.
In addition to increasing carbon sequestration and biodiversity, the work will aid in habitat improvement for Boreal Caribou, a threatened species under the federal Species at Risk Act. The site is located between the East and West Side Athabascan Boreal Caribou Ranges.
Expert forestry work, including verification and monitoring surveys, is being provided by professional forester based in NE Alberta.


Slave Lake Area Wildfire Restoration

Blue Green Planet Project and FFES Environmental, an 100% owned indigenous company, are partnering to plant 100,000 trees to reforest an area near Slave Lake that was burned in a 2019 wildfire. Active reforestation efforts with white spruce will ensure a mixed-species stand at a higher density. The project will increase biodiversity and sequester carbon. West Fraser Sawmills Ltd. is providing the 100,000 seedlings and forestry work as in-kind contributions. Summit Reforestation is the planting partner.

The project will provide skills transfer and employment opportunities for 10 individuals for a two-week period, which can lead to full-time jobs for the season if they are successful and choose to pursue these opportunities. FFES’s recruiting will focus on creating equitable and inclusive opportunities starting with Slave Lake community members and extending to communities beyond. An indigenous educator is assisting with traditional indigenous teachings, learnings and experiences for those involved in the project.

Investing in Oceans

The world is one big, connected place and what happens on land affects the oceans. So, we’re sharing 20% of our bottom line with ocean ecology projects. Our initial project is Robert Stewart Sharkwater Foundation.  

Shark Free, aims to keep sharks out of our products to reduce pressure on their populations and save them from extinction. Learn more why sharks matter. 

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