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Today’s seedlings. Tomorrow’s forests.

Plant a Tree Today


Planting trees is a natural climate solution and can help restore forests. Your act of giving back will enable us to plant trees. Act now and let’s work to secure not only our future, but the future of the next generations.

Business Collaborations

Blue Green Planet Project gives businesses like yours a practical and tangible pathway to your CSR goals through the act of planting trees for carbon sequestration and ecosystem restoration. Our goal is to make climate action as simple and accessible as possible.

The cost to plant a tree is $1.25. This includes project development, ordering the seedlings, deploying a workforce, long-term monitoring and independent verification of the trees. While the cost to plant a tree is fixed, how we work with you is unique to your needs.

Slide Presentation

Here’s a slide presentation that explains what we have to offer businesses.


Step 1: Select your project

We are in a constant state of project development. Working with indigenous groups, rural communities, private landowners, professional foresters and all levels of government, we find impactful and meaningful projects that maximize the benefits of each tree we plant.

As we add new projects, we will add them to our Projects Page!

Step 2: Select a service model to fund a forest

Your business is unique, so your approach to sustainable action should be too. We help you integrate tree planting into your business model by creating a service model tailored to your specific needs. A few examples of these are:

  • Planting a forest one Tree at a time: Plant a single tree for the sale of a specific item.
  • Revenue Sharing: A percentage of revenue goes towards funding trees
  • Planting a Forest: Lump sum purchase of 1000+ trees
  • Matching Trees: Run a campaign with your customers and match their trees
  • Crowdfunding model

Set up a call with our team and we can find the best solution for you. Whether is is one the options above, or a new approach tailored specifically to your needs.

Step 3: We plant the trees, share your stories, and take meaningful steps to a greener future

We plant your trees on the project(s) you have chosen. The trees grow, sequestering carbon, restoring ecosystems, and providing social and economic benefits for the communities we plant with. You share your story with your customers and invite them to join you. We highlight you with our other partners and share your stories with the world.

Set up a chat with our team. Send us an email with your name as well as your organization name, and we will start you on your journey to planting a forest!