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Why Fund Trees?

Trees are one of the world’s oldest and most proven technologies for healing the planet. They draw down carbon, help moderate temperatures, improve watershed, and provide habitat for countless species of plants and animals.

With increasing frequency, forest fires and pests are eroding our forests. Planting trees is one of the best ways to restore our damaged forests and draw down carbon from the atmosphere. By planting trees not only are we helping speed up the natural regeneration process, but we are building climate resilient forests that are better protected from these same threats in the future.

The Blue Green Planet Project Mission is a Nature-Based Sustainability Initiative where a community of purpose driven brands, communities and people, take on a tangible and practical way to combat climate change by planting trees in Canadian soil. By sponsoring the planting of trees our partners normalize the funding of projects, allowing all Canadians to make climate action a daily habit.

By funding trees through the BGPP, you are joining others who are are helping restore our forests for today and future generations.

Some of our Partners Running Campaigns with us

Stay Wild Backcountry Skills
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How it Works

For $1.25 per tree we plan and oversee all of our tree planting projects from end to end. 

Using professional foresters, we ensure that we are planting the right tree, in the right place, for the right reason. After the planting process is completed, our professional foresters and third party auditors confirm that the trees were planted and will survive to grow into strong, healthy forests.

In return for your sponsorship, we provide each of our partners an impact sheet at the end of the year, as well as a graphical receipt that they can display however they choose. This sheet includes the total number and species of trees planted, geo-located maps where the trees were planted, and any other co-benefits that arise from the project.

We provide our business and non-profit partners with raw images and or footage from the planting sites, so you can see first-hand the impact of your sponsorship. For private indivduals, all of these documents are on display publicly on our website as well as our social media sites. We proudly display our business and non-profit partners, highlighting them as brands taking tangible acts towards sustainable business.

Step 1: Sponsorship Model

You are unique, so your approach to giving back should be too. We help you integrate tree planting into your life, and/or business model by creating a sponsorship plan tailored to you. A few examples of these are:

One Tree at a time: Plant a single tree for the sale of a specific item.

Incremental Tree Planting: A percentage of revenue goes towards funding trees

Planting a Forest: Lump sum purchase of 1000+ trees

Matching Tree Campaign: Run a campaign with your customers and match their contributions to our forests

Crowdfund a Forest: Get Creative! Set up a crowdfunding model with your community and/or customers and engage in sustainable action together

Set up a call with our team and we can find the best solution for you. Whether is is one the options above, or a new approach tailored specifically to your needs.


We are in a constant state of project development. Working with indigenous groups, rural communities, private landowners, professional foresters and all levels of government, we find impactful and meaningful projects that maximize the benefits of each tree we plant.

As we add new projects, we will add them to our projects page.

Step 3: We plant the trees

We plant your trees on the project(s) you have chosen. The trees grow, sequestering carbon, restoring ecosystems, and providing social and economic benefits for the communities we plant with. You share your story and invite people to join you. We highlight you with our other partners and share your stories with the world.

Set up a chat with our team. Send us an email with your name as well as your organization name, and we will start you on your journey to planting a forest!

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Planting trees is hard. We make it easy.

Plant a tree today for $1.25 per tree and leave behind a legacy for generations to come.

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