Give the Gift of a Tree

Give the Gift of a Tree.

Trees symbolize the cycle of life, the power of nature, and the importance of growth. Celeberate a child’s birth, an annual memorium, or the beginning of a new relationship, by planting trees in their honour. Each new year of growth is a beautiful way to mark the passing of time and reflect upon the years spent together. Gift a tree and show your care for your loved ones and the climate.

Benefits of Gifting a Tree

- a waste free gift, that lives for years to come

- carbon sequestration for the health of the planet

- employment for First Nations and Canadians a like

- reforests areas void of viable seed source

- restored habitat for local flora and fauna

- third party reporting ensures ethical practices and oversight

To celebrate your contribution, a commemorative wooden tree decoration dated with the year your trees are planted will be mailed. Each year your decoration is unboxed and hung will mark a full year of growth for the trees planted. You will also receive a thank you card with your loved names that can be framed. A seedling report detailing the growth of the forest with the location and third party observations will also be emailed in the fall.

Purchase your Gift Today.

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Your purchase includes a dated, wooden tree and a fall seedling report. If you prefer a zero footprint gift, please see our get involved page.

To learn more about our projects, and where your trees will grow, visit our projects page.

The Best Time to Plant a Tree was Twenty Years ago. The Next Best Time is Now.

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